17. February 2014


AfterSchoolDaze is looking for dedicated fans to join our team!

We’re looking for Korean and Japanese translators, graphic designers, and a news co-admin. If you love After School and would like to be a part of the ASDaze team, check out this post to find out more! 


Announcement: ASDaze Valentine’s Giveaway!
Our dearest Admin Shu has given us an After School First Love album (Nana version) to give away for the occasion of her birthday, which is on 20 February! <3

ASDaze Giveaway Rules
This will be raffle style! Each thing you do will give you an extra chance of winning
Share, retweet and reblog this post! You must follow our Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr accounts to qualify. Also use the hashtag#firstlovegiveaway on your tweets, Tumblr and Facebook posts.
Post at least 30 posts in the ASDaze forums. This includes your introduction posts/game posts, so feel free to go wild! However, spam or double posting will be disqualified.
In addition, ASDaze donors get double the chances of winning! For a minimum donation of $10, you also get a personalised After School admission card created withyour particulars on it, created and mailed directly to your doorstep <3 Want to be a donor? Find out how!
Once you’ve done that, fill in the form at our wordpress to submit your ticket to us.
The winner will be announced on 28 February. You will have 24 hours from the time the email is sent to reply with your details; if not, we will select another winner.
If you’ve got any questions, you can ask us! And remember to wish Admin Shu a happy birthday!!!
28. January 2014

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Promo Flicks: Juyeon, Nana, Lizzy and KaEun for ‘Mixxo’ Japan 2014 S/S Collection
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Twitter Update: Nana - 140128
리지가 옆에누워서 차근차근설면해준는정~
열심히해봐야지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
사랑합니다 박리지 
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Flicks: Preview After School “Shh” Photobook Ver.
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Flicks: AfterSchool “Shh” behind Photo and “Shh” card
behind Photo (top)
credit: @honok_777
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Info: Nana opens Twitter account
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Twitter Update: Lizzy - 140127
햇살과 사오는중
Fighting with the sunshine”
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Facebook update: AFTERSCHOOL ‘Shh’ 2 days to go
【AFTERSCHOOL : 2 days to go for brand-new song “Shh”】Now you can see the exclusive photos here for…View Post
27. January 2014


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Twitter update: AfterSchool with Kotobuki - 140126
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Info: AfterSchool’s ‘Rock it’ will be the official theme song for the upcoming anime Kurosagi [ The Black Swindler ]
AfterSchool’s ‘Rock it’ will be the official theme song for the upcoming anime this year- Kurosagi…View Post
Flick: Raina and KaEun guest on WakuWakuMix - 140126WakuWakuMix トークパーティーのゲストは、AFTERSCHOOLからレイナさんとカウンさんがいらっしゃってます! #joqr #1134mix #radiko

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